AS Audio (Germany)

AS Audio Germany is a sole proprietor business with its office at:

Iltisweg 8

D-53842 Troisdorf Spich, Germany

A few words of welcome and gratitude,

First of all thanks a lot for taking your time to read this and for giving us the chance to work with you. We do know, that you have many choices and we do appreciate your trust and your decision to go along with us. When I started working in the event industry in 1987, i did not know, where this would lead to.

Having studied electronics and technical acoustics it was clear that my personal focus would be the audio world. Thanks to the vast variety of events and productions, that i have been involved in, it never became boring. I have accumulated a substantial knowledge base in all those years, but still each and every day i learn and try to let all events, that i participate in, benefit from this know how.

I can say that i am still very curious and thirsty to expand my experience in the interest of a better event or show. Naturally the person who starts a company, dictates the directions and subsequently gathers in more people with similar interest and similar character, who join in for the same task. Therefore i am very proud of each member of our current and past crew.  Cheers, Alex

Alex Schloesser
Alex Schloesser, Founder and CEO of AS Audio

Here are a few pictures of our premises in Spich, close to the Cologne Bonn Airport.We bought these properties in 2011 and moved in in the same year. Please come see us and have a look around for yourself: