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B-60MKII & B-40 Installation Loudspeaker

The B-60MKII and B-40 are two inexpensive quality moulded cabinet that can be used in a multitude of installations, see the G9 web site for the latest product news and more product information:

The G9 B-60MKII and B-40 moulded cabinets are made of quality plastic material and fitted with push and screw type connectors for ease of installation and have standard “U” shaped brackets and captive bolt points for fitting. If your installation is dictated by size and space then the B-40 is a great compromise, but for a larger sound in a relatively small package the B-60MKII will do a great job, while giving you a higher frequency range where it is needed.
The G9 B-60MKII comes in a black or white finish and has a ¾ inch HF and a 6 inch LF driver that produce a 40w output with a peak power rating of up to 80w. This speaker has been designed for general purpose use with installation zoning and gives a full range performance from 70Hz to 20kHz. At the rear of the quality moulded cabinet there are two push fitting and screw terminal connectors for simple speaker wiring. This cabinet is fitted as standard with switch settings for 70v/100v line tapping’s allowing varying output power according to requirement when used with the transformer circuit. The switch will also indicate when by-passing the transformer circuit and being used as a standard 8 Ohm cabinet. It comes complete with a “U” shaped universal locking swivel bracket fitted top to bottom and also has two captive bolt mounts on the rear for alternative fixing.


The G9 B-40 is the smaller version of the B-60MKII with all the attributes of its larger brother; white, or black finish, 70v/100v transformer tapping/standard operation switch, push and screw terminal connectors, “U” shaped universal locking swivel bracket fitted top to bottom, plus two captive bolt mounts on the rear for alternative fixing. The difference is mainly the LF driver being 4 inch, while the HF remains a ¾” device, the frequency range is 100Hz to 20kHz and of course its dimensions and weight is more compact.
Enclosure Type - moulded:
HIPS Black / White
HIPS Black / White
Frequency Response:
70Hz – 20kHz
100Hz – 20kHz
88dB (± 3dB)
89dB (± 3dB)
Power Handling:
40w / 80w Peak
20w / 40w Peak
Transformer Version:
2.5 / 5 / 10 / 20 / 40w
1.25 / 2.5 / 5 / 10 / 20w
5 / 10 / 20 / 40w
2.5 / 5 / 10 / 20w
Nominal Impedance:
8 Ω
8 Ω
Driver Units:
HF Driver
LF Driver
Dimensions: (mm)
215 x 190 x 284
170 x 150 x 215
Net weight:
Each G9 loudspeaker product range is designed to do a first class job, whether it is for PA use on the road, or to be installed in pubs and clubs, or for general audio zoning in such places as airports and Hotels. As far as G9 are concerned all pro audio equipment must cope with tough environments on a daily basis and therefore have a tendency to be over-engineered and over-specified, rather than the other way around.