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Thursday, 19 Jul 2018



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Tuesday, 19 April 2011 12:16

CFR Full Range Ceiling Speaker

CFR Full Range Ceiling Speaker

The G9 CFR series ceiling speaker is a true full range ceiling speaker that has been tuned to give a full range  performance with that all important acoustic depth. The challenge was to provide not only the frequency range, but the depth of sound that you might expect from a quality wall mounted loudspeaker, but for reasons of aesthetics, space constraints and budgetary needs, a ceiling installation is required. The quality of sound reproduction in the CFR series has been made possible by applying the well known design principles that go in to a quality wall mounted loudspeakers.   

The G9 CFR series ceiling speakers are made to exacting standards with the front mounting section formed from ABS plastic, while the back section fitting is made of Iron. There are easy to use + - push fitting on the Iron back panel for connection. The flexibility of the ceiling speaker allows use at 8 Ohms, as well as settings in the 100 and 70 Volt line range. Set the rotary switch at the rear of the speaker housing mounted on the Iron back panel according to your system need and the in-built transformer will be set for use. The range of settings being standard 8 Ohm, with settings for 100 volt line being: 30w/15w/7.5w/3.8w. At 70 volt line the settings are: 30w/15w/7.5w/3.8w/1.9w. Four secure plastic screw down terminal arms ensure a firm fitting to the ceiling aperture.
The G9 CFR series ceiling speaker range not only sounds good, but is also flexible in allowing you to use it with a variety of power inputs, making those unexpected installations surprises more easy to handle. The    quality of material used will ensure years of reliability, while giving you the professional and clear sound that you can rely on to do the job day in and day out.
With the introduction of the CFR series ceiling speaker, G9 offers you a quality audio solution for low cost, space saving ceiling installations. G9 continue to maintain their philosophy in providing customers with intelligent sound solutions that make a marked difference when it comes to audio quality, no matter what the requirement or budget may be.
· Conference centres
· Hotel bar and zone areas
· Hotel bedrooms
· School classrooms and zone areas
· Hospital rooms and zone areas
· Airport zones and business waiting rooms
· All uses where quality full range audio is required with ceiling installations 

CFR series Specifications

  CFR-5 CRF-6 CRF-8
Material(panel): ABS ABS ABS
Material(cover): Iron Iron Iron
Frequency response: 100Hz~20KHz 90Hz~20KHz 50Hz~20KHz
Power handling:      2.5/5/10/20W/8Ω 3.8/7.5/15/30W/8Ω 5/10/20/40W/8Ω
Sensitivity:   88dB 88dB 88dB
Driver:   5” 6” 8”
Transformer Option: 100V/70V line 100V/70V line 100V/70V line
Cut out hole size: Ø170mm Ø200mm Ø240mm
Dimension: Ø203*145mm Ø230*150mm Ø270*185mm
Weight(kg):  1.8 2.3 3.1
Published in Ceiling Speakers
Thursday, 14 April 2011 09:59

G-15 Full-Range Enclosure

The G-15 is the top of the range “G” series design philosophy and there is no compromise with this 15” + 2” full-range loudspeaker cabinet. The passive G-15 has a 60˚x 40˚ Horn and is designed to work in singles, or as cluster arrays for a powerful, smooth and gutsy PA system. The shape and efficiency of the G-15 also makes this a great floor monitor.

The G-15 is fitted with the unique G-Phase passive crossover, ensuring not only the correct crossover point for excellent sound and speaker protection, but it also accurately puts a delay between the LF and HF drivers allowing the cabinet to sound natural, smooth and powerful, not hurting your ears with frequencies that are out of alignment.
The cabinet is made of quality 15mm Baltic plywood, rebated, screwed and glued for sound integrity and strength. The shape and build allows for maximum SPL, while accommodating two built-in handles to the case at the optimum carrying point. The metal grille is 1.5mm carbon steel and the cabinet is sprayed with a strong protective textured black paint for true resilience. There are 12 x M10 “L” bracket threaded fixing points for installation, plus 4 x M8 standard bracket mounting points on the rear. Fittings include a 35mm pole mount “Top hat” and 2 x Speakon NL4MP recessed connectors.
The G-15 full-range loudspeaker enclosure is a powerful PA contender, giving an all-round sound that will fill venues with superbly balanced sound. The G-15 audio performance more than competes in this range of sound reinforcement and will do the job, day in day out. Fitted with a G-Phase frequency crossover the G-15 is a cost effective balanced system by itself and when matched with the G-218B Bass, the frequency coverage is exceptional. The G-15 shape and design also allows it to be used as an excellent stage monitor, making it a flexible cabinet for venues and on the road.
The outstanding sound and performance of G-15 makes it a perfect choice for Clubs and live venues, including Theatre use. The G-15 is well built for the road and is fitted with cast-chassis neodymium drivers that both deliver the power, while being as light as possible. There is no better choice than the G-15 in its class!